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    COL319 - Paracord necklace

    $28 $22
    Adjustable rope collar Cordage Collection. Paracord necklace for men. Aluminum sleeve punched manually with the Japanese kanji DANSEI. Adjustable length Details   Material: parachute rope, 550 paracord, nylon Metal : zinc...

    COL313 - Rope shackle necklace

    $28 $22
    Paracord shackle necklace Cordage Collection. Adjustable necklace for men in paracord. Shackle model, Aluminum sleeve punched manually with our DANSEÏ logo. Details   Material: parachute rope, 550 paracord, nylon Clasp: durable...

    Necklace - COL304

    Paracord carabiner necklace Collection Cordage. Made of 3.5mm nylon paracord and aluminum, this necklace for men decorated with an oval carabiner expresses elegance. Impregnated with the artisan techniques of the DANSEI workshop,...

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